William Fowle of St James, Jamaica

???? - 1796


  1. Will of William Fowle of St James county of Cornwall Island of Jamaica [made 03/01/1796] proved in London 04/05/1797. Under the will he left three amounts of £1500 in trust for the benefit of his sisters Ann Woodman and Sarah Hall, his niece Jane Smith (all of Wiltshire) for life, and £2000 to his nephew John Fowle, which with £3000 already remitted to Messrs Watt and Walker brought his benefit up to £5000, which he also left to each of two other nephews, Thomas Fowle and William Fowle sons of his brother Michael Fowle, and to his niece Sarah Fowle daughter of his brother Henry Fowle of Durrington; he left £1000 to Jane, the natural daughter of his brother Michael Fowle. He had, he said, balances on his account current of £16,000 with Watt and Walker of Liverpool and £3000 with John Graham Clarke of Newcastle upon Tyne to meet his monetary legacies. In consideration of her care during his several illnesses he manumitted an enslaved woman named Nancy and gave her an annuity of £10 p.a. currency, his house for life and an enslaved woman named Sappho as a servant for life. He ordered that his enslaved man Adolphus should be put upon and reside on the same pen. He had a pen called Folly of 421/2 acres adjoining Retirement estate in St James, which he instructed his executors to sell, offering it first to Simon Haughton Clarke at a price of £1500 currency. He left William Fowle, the son of his brother Henry, an annuity of £300 p.a. His residuary heir was his brother Henry and then Henry's heirs.


  1. PROB 11/1290/47.

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1796 [EA] - 1800 [LA] → Previous owner

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Uncle → Nephew
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William Fowle of Chute inherited the estates of his uncle William Fowle of St James after the death of the former's father Henry c....