Rev. Richard Smith the elder

???? - 1772


This appears to have been the Rev. Richard Smith, son of Richard Smith of Islington (q.v.) whom he predeceased, and the father of Rev. Richard Smith and of Mary Gibbes Allen (nee Smith) (each of whom q.v.). Hughes-Queree report that Richard Smith had married Mary Mapp in 1764 and hence become owner of the estate. In his will proved in 1772, the Rev. Richard Smith left to his two children the mortgage of £5035 he held over Mapp's, but not apparently the estate itself, and identified their mother as Elizabeth Mary Smith.


Will proved 24/03/1772, PROB 11/976/167. A codicil appeared in 1775, PROB 11/1011/83.

Further Information

Elizabeth Mary Mapp
Mary Gibbes; Richard

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1764 [EA] - → Owner

Shown as owner by Hughes Queree but in his will he said that he held a mortgage over Mapp's.

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