William Helyar

???? - 1697


Eldest son from a gentry family from East Coker in Somerset, William Heylar was a Colonel in the Cavalier army in the English civil war. He invested jointly with his brother Cary in establishing Bybrook estate in Jamaica in 1669. William agreed to ship supplies and labour from England while Cary developed the land. They initially planned to grow cacao but following a blight in 1670-1671 they turned their attention to sugar cultivation.


J. Harry Bennett (1964). 'Cary Helyar, merchant and planter of seventeenth-century Jamaica', William and Mary Quarterly, 21(2) 53-76.

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Married but no further details
William, John

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1669 [EA] - 15/08/1673 [ED] → Joint owner
15/08/1673 [SD] - 1697 [EY] → Owner

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East Coker, Somerset, South-west England, England