John Lynch French

???? - 1801


  1. Will of John Lynch French of Nottingham Place [made in 1800] proved 27/02/1801. In the will he recited his marriage settlement of 1793, by which estates [not specified in the will] on St Kitts were placed in trust to secure £6000, £8000 or £10,000 for younger children, depending whether there were one, two or three such children. In fact by the time he wrote the will there four younger children: Henry, Daniel, Edward and Caroline. He referred to the will of John French Lynch of 1788, under which he was entitled to certain sums of money subject to the life interest of his father. He identified his elder son and heir as Andrew John Lynch French.

  2. Elizabeth, widow of the late John Lynch French Esquire of St Kitts, died in 1849 in Montague Square at the home of her sister, Lady Hales.

  3. His son Edward A. French died at the home of Andrew Lynch French in St Kitts in 1859; the death notice gives Edward's mother as Elizabeth, daughter of Harry Darell of Calehill, Kent.


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Elizabeth Darell
Andrew; Henry; Daniel; Edward; Caroline

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