Hugh Ingoldsby Massy

???? - 1808


First husband of Maria Frances Dennis. Of Norbiton in Surrey and of Rockstown in Limerick. Probably the son of Hugh Ingoldsby Massy of New Garden and his wife Ann Nash who married in 1769.


PROB 11/1491/197. [accessed 29/03/2016].

Further Information

Maria Frances Dennis

PROB 11/1491/197 - precis.

Hugh Ingoldsby Massy of Norbiton in the County of Surry, land of Rockiston[?] County of Limerick at present in the City of Dublin.

Debts to be charged to my personal estate, but if insufficient then to my real and freehold estate.

To my dear wife Maria Frances Massy my carriages, horses, household furniture, place, china, class, pictures, books, wines and liquors and all her jewels and ornaments and paraphanalia. Also to her all arrears of rent than shall be due to me out of all my lands in the County of Limerick and the City of Limerick or in lieu thereof at her election a sum equal to half a years rent of all my real and freehold estates.

To my worthy and respected friend Major William Cousbon[?] perdon of [?] in the County of Clare as a mark of my affectionate regard for him £1,000.

To my faithful servant Thomas Clark if he be in my service at the time of my death £300.

To my kinsman James Nash, eldest son of John Nash late of Parteen in the Liberties of Limerick deceased an annuity of £150 pa for life. The same to his brother David Nash. On the death of either, an annuity of £150 to the remaining one.

To the aforesaid Thomas Clarke an annuity of £20 during his life.

These annuities chargeable on my real and freehold estates.

All my lands, tenements and heredities in the County of Limerick and elsewhere in Ireland on fromise[?] of issue male of my body begotten on the body of Maria Frances Massey unto William Barker junior of Lismane in the County of Tipperary Esquire barrister at law and Thomas Lloyd junior of Baggot Street but now of Merrion Square in Dublin barrister at law in trust for the intents and purposes following.

To the use of all of my daughters begotten with Maria Frances massy to be equally divided amongst them share and share alike as tenants in common. In default of such issue to the use of my affectionate and beloved friend Sir Hugh Dillon Massy Baronet and his assigns for and during the term of his life. Thereafter to the use of my cousin and valuable friend Hugh Low Massy and his assigns. Thereafter to his eldest son. In default to my brother-in-law James Hewitt Massy Davison Esquire and his assigns for life, and from his decease to his eldest son...

Signed 18/11/1803.

Proved in London 01/01/1809.

Associated Estates (2)

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26/02/1801 [SD] - 1808 [EY] → Joint owner
26/02/1801 [SD] - 1808 [EY] → Joint owner

Relationships (1)

Husband → Wife

Addresses (2)

Rockstown, Limerick, Ireland
Norbiton House, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey, South-east England, England