Thomas Gregory Johnston

???? - 1787


  1. Will of Thomas Gregory Johnston late of the parish of Portland but now of Fetcham in Surrey [made in 1785] proved 20/07/1787. Under the will he secured on his sugar plantation Anchovy Valley ('and the lands, slaves, cattle and stock thereunto belonging') an annuity of £150 p.a. for his wife Elizabeth Anna Maria Johnston during her widowhood only [at her request, according to the will], over and above the provision already made for her under their wedding settlement. If he and Elizabeth had a son, then he left his daughter Jane Helen Johnston £4000; but in the absence of a son, he left his estate to Jane Helen (and any sisters subsequently born). In a codicil of 1787 he said that his wife had recently been brought to bed of a son, Thomas Bryan, for whom he had made no provision in his will, and he therefore altered his will to leave £3000 to his daughter and £3000 to his infant son. Curiously neither the will nor codicil mentions Andrew Gregory Johnston, who claimed the compensation for Anchovy Valley in the 1830s and who is shown in genealogical sources as born c.1785 and the son of Thomas Gregory Johnston.


  1. PROB 11/1155.

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Elizabeth Anna Maria
Jane Helen; Thomas Bryan; Andrew Gregory

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- 1787 [LA] → Owner

Anchovy Valley was part of the property bequeathed (subject to an annuity of £150 p.a for his wife secured on it and the enslaved people on the estate) by Thomas Gregory Johnston [formerly of Portland but then] of Fetcham in Surrey under his will, made in 1785 and proved 20/07/1787.

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Father → Son
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Husband → Wife

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Fetcham, Surrey, South-east England, England