William Tooke Harwood

1767 - 1824


  1. Soldier, of Norfolk, co-owner under the will of his uncle William Tooke (q.v.) of the Diamond estate in Grenada, which he left in his will [made in 1817, administration granted in 1824 to Robert Browne a creditor, administration then granted to Anne Harwood the relict in 1835] to his wife Anne, together with his property at Thompson in Norfolk. No record of his death has yet been found: the life dates in this entry follow unsourced secondary material.

  2. An advertisement in the Norfolk Chronicle for 22/05/1824 publicises the sale of what must have been his entire household goods and effects over three days beginning 25/05/1824 at Thomson College, near Watton, Norfolk, by his executor, Robert Browne - this is three weeks after the probate date.

  3. Captain William Tooke Harwood, a member of the politically radical Society for Constitutional Information in 1792, gave evidence at the 1794 of John Horne Tooke for treason.


  1. Administration of will of William Tooke Harwood colonel in the Army granted 04/05/1824, PROB 11/1685; e.g. http://www.lordbyron.org/persRec.php?choose=PersRefs&selectPerson=WiHarwo1824 [accessed 16/12/2015].

  2. Norfolk Chronicle 22/05/1824.

  3. T. B. Howell (ed.), Cobbett's Complete Collection of State Trials and Proceedings for High Treason and Other Crimes and Misdemeanors... (1818) vol. XXV pp. 436-439.

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Ann Holcroft

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1802 [SY] - 1824 [EY] → Joint owner

Inherited under the will of his uncle proved in 1802 and bequeathed to his wife Ann Harwood nee Holcroft in his will, made in 1816 and administration granted 1824.

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Nephew → Uncle

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Thompson, Norfolk, East Anglia, England