Charles Rowe

1754 - 1821


Resident slave-owner in Jamaica, owner of Grant's Green. Fifth and youngest son of James Rowe of Torrington (q.v.). Born Bideford, Devon and educated at Oxford. Named executor of his brother William's (q.v., under William Rowe of Torrington) will and as guardian to his children. In 1793 he was elected to the office of vestryman in the parish of St Elizabeth, a role he still held in 1805. By 1817 he had become an assistant judge and magistrate in the parish of Manchester. He appears in the 1811 and 1812 Jamaica Almanac as proprietor of Biddeford, and in the 1816 edition as proprietor of Grant's Green in Vere. Probably the same man as the Charles Rowe attorney of Aberdeen estate in 1801 and reportedly (see the entry for 'William Rowe of Torrington') the father of William Rowe (1814-1897) and John James Rowe (d. 1875), who left £180,000 in 1875. The latter's marriage certificate however gives his father's name as 'John'.


Much of this material comes from the extensive research carried out by Peter Murray and generously shared with the project. It offers a detailed family history based upon wide ranging archival research.

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