Peter Wedderburn Ogilvy

23rd Sep 1781 - 30th Mar 1873


Second surviving son of James Wedderburn Colville. He initially served the family firm of Wedderburn & Co. as captain of the Arniston, a ship belonging to his cousin John Wedderburn of Spring Garden and involved in the West India trade. In 1797 he entered the sea service of the East India Company, making 6 voyages (including 2 as commander). He retired from the Company's service in 1810.

He married Anna Ogilvy, sole child and heiress to James Ogilvy of Islabank or Ruthven, co. Angus. On the death of Anna's father in 1826 Peter Wedderburn assumed the additional surname Ogilvy. The couple had 5 sons and 3 daughters. 3 of the sons entered the British army and another the EIC army.

Peter Wedderburn was left £5000 by his father, drawn from his Jamaican estates.


Alexander Wedderburn, The Wedderburn Book: a history of the Wedderburns in the counties of Berwick and Forfar, designed of Wedderburn, Kingennie, Easter Powrie, Blackness, Balindean and Gosford, 1296-1896 (Published privately, 1898), p. 311.

Will of James Wedderburn Colvile, 2/4/1808, TNA/PROB 11/1477/19

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