Thomas Beach, later De La Beche

1755 - 1st Jun 1801


Owner of Halse Hall, inherited on the death of his grandmother Jannet Sadler Hals nee Guthrie in 1775. Changed his name to De La Beche in 1790. Lived at Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square, London. Died on a visit to Jamaica in 1801. Father of the geologist Sir Henry Thomas De La Beche, to whom he left his estate, subject to annuities and legacies, including his Jamaica estates [and enslaved people] for life.


Lawrence J. Chubb, 'Sir Henry Thomas De la Beche' in Stephen K. Donovan (ed.), Jamaican Rock Stars, 1823-1971: The Geologists who Explored Jamaica (Boulder, CO, 2008) pp. 9-13.

Further Information

Sir Henry Thomas De La Beche

PROB 11/1438/224 - precis.

Thomas de la Beche late of Halse Hall in Clarendon, Jamaica, but now of Watford in the County of Hertford Esquire.

All my plantations, sugar works, slaves in Jamaica, subject to payment of my just debts and to the various legacies, annuities and bequests mentioned herein to my friends Sir Henry Sheridan of Havering Bower, Hampshire, and Neill Malcolm the younger of Upper Seymour Street, Marylebone, upon trust.

To the use of my brother John Hynes de la Beche Esquire and my friends William Welch of Ffigture Court in the Temple, London Esquire and Alexander Murray of Symonds Inn, Middlesex, Gentleman and John Shickle of Rickmansworth in Hertfordshire Esquire for 500 years as trustees for the use of my son Henry Thomas de la Beche (by my wife Elizabeth, born on or about 10/02/1796) for his natural life, for him to take the rents, issues and profits. Thereafter to his lawful sons by priority of birth, in the case of no sons then to be shared equally between daughters. Otherwise to my brother and his issue.

To my wife Elizabeth £400 per annum for life.

To my brother John Hynes de la Beche £300 per annum for life.

The above two annuities to take precedence over others.

To my natural son Thomas Alexander Beach (born 14/02/1791, baptised in St Marylebone) now living with me £100 per annum for his maintenance, clothing, education and provision until he reaches the age of 12 years. To Thomas Alexander Beach upon reaching the age of 12 years, £200 per annum until he reaches the age of 21 years.

Should I have any other child by my wife, other than my son Henry Thomas de la Beche, then £100 per annum to my wife for the maintenance of the child to age 12, £200 to age 21.

To my wife Elizabeth, £1000.

To my sister Janet Gowland, £100.

Trustees to raise by mortgage the sum of £10,000, to pay £2,000 to my son Thomas Alexander Beach at age 21 and £8,000 to any further child I may have by my wife.

All remainder to John Hynes de la Beche, William Welch, Alexander Murray and John Shickle to form part of the same trust.

My executors to be John Hynes de la Beche, William Welch, Alexander Murray and John Shickle and my wife Elizabeth (so long as she remain my widow). Executors to be guardians of my children Henry Thomas de la Beche and Thomas Alexander Beach and any further children of mine.

Signed 06/02/1800.

Codicil dated 01/03/1800.

To Thomas Gowland of Finsbury Square, London, merchant, £50; he to be my joint trustee and executor.

£400 to be divided equally between my nieces and nephews Thomas Gowland, Edward Gowland and Elizabeth Gowland at age 21.

In case my wife Elizabeth de la Beche under the limitations of my will shall become actually seized and possessed of my estates thereby limited in use to her I give £4000 to my nephew Edward Gowland.

Proved in London 22/02/1806 by William Welch and Alexander Murray. Elizabeth de la Beche, widow, has since married Henry Metcalf Esquire, therefore has been replaced as an executor by Thomas Gowland.


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Also brothers-in-law. The will of Thomas Beach left legacies to several nephews and nieces named Gowland. Thomas Gowland of London had married Jennet Beach in 1783. (, Somerset,...
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Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square, London, Middlesex, London, England