Richard Vassall

18th Apr 1732 - 1795


The Vassall family had come from Massachusetts and acquired large scale properties on the southwest of Jamaica. Richard Vassall was born in 1732, he was the son of Florentius Vassall (1709-78) and his wife Mary Foster (b.1713), the daughter of Colonel John Foster of Jamaica. The couple had three other children. Richard was baptized on 18 November 1730 in Kingston, Jamaica.

In 1750 he attended Glasgow University. Richard married Mary Clarke (1748-1835) on 16 April 1770 in New York, United States. The couple had one daughter - Elizabeth (1771–1845).

He died aged 63 at Golden Lion Square, London and was buried at St. Marylebone.


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Further Information

Mary Clarke
Elizabeth Vassall (later Lady Holland)

PROB 11/1347/13 - precis.

Richard Vassall late of Jamaica but now residing in Golden Square, St James, Westminster.

My father the late Florentius Vassall did by his will dated 20/09/1777 bequeath his plantations in Westmoreland, Jamaica, called Friendship, Greenwich and Sweet River, and also all his lands in New England in trust for my use (trustees were Hon. Hugh Lord Viscount Falmouth, Rt. Hon. William Wildman, Lord Viscount Barrington and Charles Spooner of St George, Hanover Square, for my life and thereafter to any sons, in remainder to my daughter Elizabeth Vassall now married to Sir Godfrey Webster. He declared that in case I should have any son or sons, then by indenture or by my last will and testament I could charge all or any part of the plantation with the payment of up to £15,000 for the portion of my daughter or daughters. I am desirous of extending the said power in case I shall have any son or sons in favour of my daughter Dame Elizabeth Webster.

To my wife Mary Vassall all my diamonds, pearls, trinkets, plate, household goods, furniture, prints, linen, china, books, wines and liquors.

Also to my wife Mary Vassall my plantation Seven Rivers in the several parishes of Westmoreland and St James in Jamaica and all my other lands in Jamaica or Britain. To my wife £500 upon trust to invest in the public stocks or parliamentary funds of Great Britain, the interest to accumulate until the first son of my daughter Dame Elizabeth Webster reaches age 21.

To William Gittoes now living upon my plantations in Jamaica, £200 Jamaican currency. The same to George Gittoes, now living on my said plantations.

To my mulatto servant boy Robert Loftus an annuity of 12 guineas p.a. If he should attempt to sell the annuity then I direct the sum shall cease.

To my wife Mary Vassall, £1,000 upon trust for such persons as my daughter Dame Elizabeth Webster shall appoint from time to time, to pay to her separate use independently of her present or any future husband.

All rest and residue for the use of my wife Mary Vassall.

Signed 08/06/1793.

Codicil dated 30/06/1793. Whereas I gave to my wife Mary Vassall £500 upon trust for the stocks or funds to accumulate until the first son of my daughter should attain the age of 21 years, I now revoke this. I also bequeathed £1,000 to Mary Vassall for the separate use of my daughter Dame Elizabeth Webster, I now revoke this. I hereby give £500 to my wife Mary Vassall in trust for the use of my daughter.

Proved in London 19/03/1795 by Mary Vassall, widow.

Glasgow University [1750 ]
Plantation owner

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