Clement Tudway MP

1734 - 1815


Recorder and 10 times Mayor of Wells, owner of Parham Old and New Works in Antigua, MP for Wells 1761-1815 and uncle of John Paine Tudway (q.v., who succeeded him as MP and as owner of the Antiguan estates). Son and successor of Charles Tudway (1713-1770, MP for Wells 1754-1761). The entry for Clement Tudway in the History of Parliament reflects some perplexity that an MP of more than 50 years standing could leave so faint an imprint in the House of Commons.

  1. Will of Clement Tudway of St Andrew, Wells Somerset proved 30/08/1815. The will, perhaps significantly, deals in great detail with his land and other property in Wells, around his house called Foxholes, but with his estates in Antigua more or less in passing. He left £6000 to his three nieces secured on his Wells property, as well as legacies to his nephew Francis Drake, in addition to the transmission of his Antigua estate (not named) to John Paine Tudway.


  1. PROB 11/1572/333.

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1772 [EA] - 1797 [LA] → Owner

Under the will of Alexander Crawford of 1772, Crawford said he had agreed to purchase of Clement Tudway Esq. a plantation in Antigua called Evansons, which he left to his son and heir John Francis Crawford.. In his own will made in 1793 and proved in 1801, John Francis Crawford said he held Evansons under lease from Clement Tudway but owned the enslaved people on it outright: he instructed at the end of the lease that he enslaved people be sold. Presumably the land known as Evansons returned to Clement Tudway, possibly to be reabsorbed into another of his estates.

1815 [EA] - → Previous owner
1815 [EA] - → Previous owner

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The Combe [Purchased] 
description →
Walled pleasure ground of 13 acres, acquired over time by Clement Tudway beginning in the 1780s and 1790s and probably completed by John Paine Tudway by 1829. Later attached to Milton Lodge, which...

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West India interest 
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Wells Somerset
1761 - 1815

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Uncle → Nephew
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Son → Father
Grandfather → Grandson

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St Andrews, Wells, Somerset, South-west England, England