William Adlam O'Halloran

1804 - 1846


Nephew of William Adlam of Warminster estate in St Elizabeth, Jamaica. Married to Adlam's reputed daughter Ellen. Residuary legatee of the personal estate of William Adlam and presumably also beneficiary of Upper and Lower Warminster in trust. According to his memorial inscription he died at Torquay in 1846 after a "long and continued residence on his estates of Warminster and Essex Valley, in the island of Jamaica". Bought a house and land in St Marychurch, Devon, in 1844.

  1. William Adlam O'Halloran of Adlamville Lodge, Torquay d. 07/03/1846 sole proprietor of Upper & Lower Warminster and Essex Valley estates in St Elizabeth.

  2. The 'William Augustus Fanshaw', son of his wife Ellen by her first marriage, to whom William Adlam O'Halloran left £5000 in his will of 1843, was probably Augustus William Benoni Fanshawe, the son of Augustus Henry and Ellen Fanshawe, baptised 11/05/1836 at Cheltenham.


See separate entry for William Adlam.

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  2. Ancestry.com, Gloucestershire, England, Church of England Baptisms, 1813-1913 for Augustus Henry Fanshawe Cheltenham 1836 [database online].

Further Information

Ellen Adlam

PROB 11/2056/234 - precis.

William Adlam O'Halloran at present of Jamaica but shortly intending to depart for Great Britain.

First, payment of just debts and funeral expenses.

£5000 lawful sterling money of Jamaica to William Augustus Fanshaw, son of my wife Ellen by her first marriage, at age 21 payable from my personal estate.

One fourth of the residue of my real estate to Rev. James Waters and William Newman upon trust for the use of my natural son William Adlam O'Halloran at age 21. Thereafter to his legitimate children. Should his wife have no children then to the children of Sarah O'Halloran and Martha Mathison (late of Wiltshire now deceased) as tenants in common.

The remaining three quarters of my real and personal estate to Rev. James Waters and William Newman in trust for the use of all of my childen with my wife Ellen as tenants in common in tail at age 21 years.

Signed 20/03/1843.

Codicil dated 6/11/1844. My land and house in St Mary Church in Devon, lately purchased from Thomas Deane Esquire and Mr William Bartlett to my wife Ellen O'Halloran. Also to her all my real and personal estate in Great Britain which I have power to dispose of. I revoke the legacy of £1000 to Frances Jackson of Taten Hill Cottage, Goree[?] Common, Jersey. Signed 03/06/1846.

Proved by Richard Enoch Garnham Esquire, attorney of Rev. James Waters clerk and William Newman Esquire the executors 14/05/1847.

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1844 [SY] - 1846 [EY] → Joint owner

Legacies Summary

Physical (1)

Town house
Adlamville Lodge [Purchased] 
description →
Apparently a town house or suburban villa in St Mary Church, near Torquay, presumably named by William Adlam O'Halloran, and probably bought by him in 1844....

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Son-in-law → Father-in-law
Nephew → Uncle
Husband → Wife

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Adlamville Lodge, Torquay, Devon, Devon & Cornwall, England