Philip Haughton

1700 - 22nd Feb 1765


Son of Jonathan Haytayne (baptised 1667 in Barbados) and Mary nee Dehany of Vere. Owner of Fat Hog Quarter and Green Island in Hanover and Retirement in St James.

  1. The will of William Tharp 1737 names "my trusty and well-beloved Friends Richard Haughton Esqr. Philip Haughton whole and sole Executors of this my last Will and Testament". When proved at London on 8th November 1745 administration was granted to "Robert Pott the lawfull Attorney of Philip Haughton the Surviving Executor named in the said Will for the use and benefitt of the said Philip Haughton now residing in the said Island of Jamaica."

  2. Philip Haughton was listed in the Jamaican Quit Rent books for 1754 as the owner of 1055 acres of land in St James and 2580 acres of land in Hanover, total 3635 acres.

  3. Will of Philip Haughton planter of Hanover Jamaica proved 02/03/1767 [see details below].


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  3. Will of Philip Haughton, PROB 11/926/274.

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Further Information

Catherine Tharp
Ann, Mary, Sarah

PROB 11/926/274 - precis.

Philip Haughton of the parish of Hanover, Jamaica, planter. Will dated 01/02/1763.

My wife Catherine Haughton to reside on any one of my estates of Fat Hog Quarter and Green Island, both in Hanover or Retirement in the parish of St. James, and “all the negroes usually about the house” namely “Nimrod, Damon, Sylvester, Rachael, Basheba, House Sukey and her children, Washer Women Sukey Solly and Doll” and all furniture.

Plate to my 3 daughters equally.

My brother Jonathan Haughton £100. Sister Ann Tharpe £100. Nephews Robert Haughton and Richard Haughton, sons of my brother Jonathan Haughton, and W. Tharpe son of my sister Ann Tharpe £100 Jamaica currency each.

My nieces Catherine Haughton and Ann Haughton and Mary Haughton daughters of my brother Valentine Haughton each a negro boy and girl at age 21.

To my daughter Mary James and her heirs lawfully begotten 1/2 of the sugar plantation called Green Island including 1/2 the land I purchased adjouning the estate which formerly belonged to William James deceased and was sold by virtue of a writ of extend and purchased by me from Kames Kerr and 1/2 the slaves, 24 mules and 40 working steers. To my grandson Philip H. JAMES the other 1/2 at 21 and £100 a year till then.

Also to Mary James a piece of land patented by William Pusey containing 540 acres, a piece patented by Michael Corney containing 575 acres, and 2 runs patented by William DORRELL of 600 acres and 1/3 of the negroes and stock belonging to my penns.

To my daughter Ann Clarke my sugar plantation called Fat Hog Quarter with 60 acres I purchased of John Heath, all the negroes thereupon and 24 mules and 40 steers.

Also to Ann Clarke the parcel of land known as the Cockoon containing an estimated 2100 acres to the eastward of the land I purchased from William Tharpe and ½ of the slaves and stock belonging to my penns.

To my daughter Sarah Haughton my sugar plantation called Retirement in the parish of St. James, and slaves, 40 mules and 40 steers.

Also to Sarah Haughton the 1/2 acre I purchased of Corbt. Lawrence and Baker whereon my storehouse is built whence I ship sugar belonging to Retirement estate.

Also to Sarah Haughton that piece of land I purchased on William Tharpe containing 300 acres with the land called Old Pasture and all the lands adjacent containing 1300 acres and 1/3 of the slaves and stock belonging to my penns.

All the above bequests to Sarah Haughton at age 21 or at marriage. In case she die without issue then this to be divided between my daughters Mary James and Ann Clarke.

My 4 granchildren Catherine Haughton James, Mary Haughton James, Elizabeth Haughton James and Philip Haughton Clarke £2000 sterling each out of the money which is now in Mr Michael Atkins hands of Bristol at age 21 or marriage.

All residue to my said 3 daughters.

Montague James, Simon Clarke, junr., Esquires. and William Tharpe of St. James with my wife to be executors.

Wife to be sole guardian of my daughter Sarah.

In default of issue of my 3 daughters, my estate to William Tharpe and Robert Haughton and Richard Haughton, sons of my brother Jonathan Haughton.

Witnesses James Anderson, George Cumming, and George Slacker.

Proved at London 02/03/1767 by Simon Clarke the younger.


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- 22/01/1765 [ED] → Owner
- 22/02/1765 [ED] → Owner
- 22/02/1765 [ED] → Owner

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