John Thomas Batt

1746 - 8th Mar 1831


Husband of Susan Batt nee Neave (q.v.), who was awarded the compensation for Galways estate on Montserrat. Left £120,000 at death in 1831.

  1. John Thomas Batt of New Hall Wiltshire (c. 1746-8 March 1831) is in Rubinstein, reference 1831/5. Described as barrister and 'Auditor of Irish Accounts', and noted to be living at No. 12 South Audley Street in 1811. J. T. Batt was the husband of Susan Batt; he had married Susan, daughter of James Neave of Nunton 14/01/1794; he was an intimate friend of Horace Walpole and the Misses Berry; executor of Edward Gibbon and of William Markham, Archbishop of Canterbury.


  1. W.D. Rubinstein Who were the rich? A biographical directory of British wealth-holders Vol. 1 1809-1839 (2009) p. 333, reference 1831/5. The entry says John Thomas Batt was 'probably unmarried'; Gentleman's Magazine Vol. 101 (January-June 1831) Part 1 p.274 carried an obituary of John Thomas Batt that included his marriage to Susan Neave in 1794.

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