Francis George Smyth or Smith senior

1745 - 1787


Owner of Vauxhall and Long Hill estates in St Elizabeth, Jamaica, c. 1783. Married to Elizabeth Smith (q.v.) whose executors claimed successfully for the compensation for the enslaved people on the Vauxhall estate for arrears of an annuity, although the estate had been sold to John McIntosh in the 1820s.

  1. Francis George Smyth, son of Francis Smyth of the Isle of Jamaica, armiger, matriculated Oriel College, Oxford, 24/11/1763, aged 18.

  2. By his first wife Frederita or Federata, he had four children. Catherine, baptised in Barnstaple, Devon, 17/07/1765, married Abraham Leach at Northam, Devon, 29/06/1793, died 19/03/1861. Thomasina, baptised St Elizabeth, Jamaica, 20/08/1767, married William Wilson Curry of Thornton, Cheshire, 29/11/1799 in Newtontoney, Wiltshire. Elizabeth, baptised in St Elizabeth, Jamaica, 06/04/1769. Francis George, baptised in St Elizabeth, 16/07/1770.

  3. By his second wife Elizabeth he had three children: Federata (baptised in St Elizabeth, 08/04/1776); Thomas (baptised in St Elizabeth, 17/10/1777) and Mary (buried St Elizabeth, 16/08/1786).

  4. Francis George Smyth reportedly bought Goshen, a cattle pen with 1500 head, in 1780: he added hardwoods in 1783.

  5. He was of Jamaica but residing at Exeter (Devon) in June 1783 when he leased Vauxhall to James and David Webster of London, but was in Jamaica when he died in 1787 (buried at Houghton Pen, 31 December; his father had been buried there, the tomb being engraved with arms which correspond to those of the Smyth family of Heath Hall, Yorkshire).


T71/780 St Elizabeth claim no. 103 (Goshen and Longhill Pen)

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Further Information

[1] Frederita [2] Elizabeth
With [1] Catherine (1765-1861), Thomasina (1767-), Elizabeth (1769-), Francis George (1770-1839); with [2] Federata (1776-), Thomas (1777-), Mary (?-1786)
Oxford (Oriel) [1763 ]

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1780 [EA] - 1783 [LA] → Owner
- 1787 [EY] → Owner

Presumed to be the owner of Haughton Pen on his death in 1787 as the estate was in the ownership of his son Thomas, a minor, the following year.

1782 [EA] - 1783 [LA] → Owner
1760 [SY] - 1787 [EY] → Owner

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Francis George Smyth the younger is shown in some sources as the son of John Smyth of Durrant Devon, but Vere Langford Oliver is clear [Caribbeana Vol. II 'Brooks of St Elizabeth Jamaica'] that...
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Exeter, Devon, Devon & Cornwall, England
Barnstaple, Devon, Devon & Cornwall, England