John Powell Rennalls

17th Jan 1774 - 1813


John Powell Rennalls, son of John Vezey Rennalls and his wife Susannah, was born 17/01/1774 and baptised in St Catherine, Jamaica, 14/02/1774. John Powell Rennalls of St Catherine, esq., and Jane Fearon Israel of Clarendon, spinster, were married 13/09/1802 in Clarendon. John Powell Rennalls of Clapton, Hackney, age 40, was buried in St James, Westminster, in 1813. Will of John Powell Rennalls of the parish of St Catherine in the County of Middlesex and Island aforesaid Doctor of Medicine proved 14/02/1822. Under the will, made in 1808, he left his wife an annuity of £600 currency p.a.

Sources, Jamaica Church of England Parish Register Transcripts, 1664-1880 [database online];, Jamaican parish registers, Clarendon, Births, Marriages and Deaths, 1660-1837 p. 243;, London, England, Deaths and Burials, 1813-1980 [database online]; PROB 11/1653/249.

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Further Information

Jane Fearon Israel
Samuel (1807-); John Vesey; William

PROB 11/1653/249 - precis.

John Powell Rennalls of the parish of St Catherine in the County of Middlesex and Island aforesaid Doctor of Medicine.

Payment of just debts and funeral expenses.

To my beloved wife Jane Fearon Rennalls an annuity of £600 Jamaican currency payable from all my estate real and personal not specifically disposed of below.

To my wife the house in which I now reside with the offices and appurtenances and the following house negroes: John Young, Edward, Adam, Charles, Olive, Jenny, Charlotte and Susannah forever.

To my wife all my household furniture, linen, plate, books, carriages, horses, liquors and all other articles and things whatsoever used in and about my said house.

To my wife £200 for her immediate use after my decease.

All these bequests to my wife in satisfaction of her dower.

I acquit and discharge my dearly beloved mother in respect to all her transactions as executrix of my late revered father and bequeath to her any balance she may have in her hands at the time of my decease on that account.

To each of my dear sisters Elizabeth, Susannah and Phillippa and to my dear brother William £100 of Jamaica.

To my eldest son John Vesey Rennalls £1000 sterling.

All the rest and residue to my three sons John Vesey Rennalls, William Rennalls and Samuel Rennalls and to any son born sou or sous, equally divided between them share and share alike as tennants in common and not as joint tennants and to their heirs and assigns forever. In case I shall hereafter have a daughter or daughters they should receive £2000 Jamaican currency at the age of 21 or on marriage.

My executors to act under my will until my said children shall respectively attain the age of 21 years and become entitled to their respective shares.

My executors (and guardians of my children) to be my cousin James Jervis the younger esquire barrister at law and my friends Francis Smith and James Hodge Byles esquires and my son John Vesey Rennalls when he attains the age of 21.

Signed 22/09/1808. Witnesses R. Pusey, W.D. Quarrell, Thomas J. Brown.

Proved in London 14/02/1822 by the oath of James Hodge Byles.

Physician and planter

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