William Harding I

1751 - 1832


Year of birth estimated; buried 11 May 1832 in St Philip, Barbados. He was recorded as of "Buttal's, St George's".

He was virtually certainly the William Harding who left by deed 133 enslaved to Mary Elizabeth Dalzell. See the latter's return in 1826 for the Buttalls estate in St George. She was his daughter.

But NB William Harding, awardee, Barbados 3005 [17 Enslaved] and William Harding, awardee, Barbados 2974 [3 Enslaved]. Conrade Pile was also awardee, Barbados 3005.


TNA, T71/550, pp. 47-8; Barbados Church Records, 1637-1887: Family Search; Barbados Department of Archives. Hughes-Queree Index of Plantations.

Further Information

Elizabeth Merritt
Includes Mary Elizabeth and William [junior]

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