Matthew Parkinson

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Resident slave-owner in Westmoreland Jamaica, son of John Parkinson of Norton near Stockton. Nephew of Ralph Parkinson, Robert Parkinson and Leonard Parkinson senior (each of whom q.v.).

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PROB 11/1571/161 - precis.

Matthew Parkinson of the parish of Westmoreland Jamaica, planter.

To a Negro woman named Elizabeth Parkinson (my housekeeper) £50 currency per annum for life and my Negro woman named Jenny bought from Ridgeland Estate, my Negro woman named Ruthy with her child named Caroline and any other children she may have. At her decease, these slaves to become the property of my adopted child Matthew Parkinson Cooke for him and his heirs. Elizabeth Parkinson to have 50 acres of my mountain land called Picton near to Coldspring to have a small house built on it at the expense of my real estate. £100 currency to be applied for furnishing this house if required. The land and house to pass to Matthew Parkinson Cooke on the death of Elizabeth Parkinson.

My adopted child to be sent to England and put to a good grammar and cyphening school for four years then put to a trade such as he may choose. After his apprenticeship I wish him to return to this country if he think proper but he will these determine for himself. He to have £100 paid to him into a secure fund, he to have this sum in September 1827.

To Elizabeth Parkinson one of my best horses, a good bed and mattress with good furnishing, two small tables, three chairs and a sofa with all my glass ware.

To my father John Parkinson of Norton near Stockton in the county of Durham £300 sterling per annum for life and at his decease the £300 per annum to be paid to my mother Mrs Elizabeth Parkinson.

To my brother Christopher Parkinson £500 sterling to be paid after the death of my mother and father.

To my aunt Mrs Ann Cranston of Coatham[?] in Yorkshire £100 sterling.

to Mrs Johanna Cawes of Silver Street, Stockton, £100 sterling.

To Elizabeth Parkinson my sideboard and all the rest of my furniture at Cornwall. She to divide my wearing apparel among my Negroes.

All the rest and residue to my beloved cousin Mary Elizabeth Parkinson (now Mrs Clarke), daughter of my beloved uncle Leonard Parkinson of Kinnersley in Herefordshire, to have the annual interest and net proceeds for her natural life. At her death it to go to her eldest daughter lawfully begotten should she have a daughter; if not to her eldest son lawfully begotten. Should Mary Elizabeth Parkinson die before her father Leonard Parkinson then the whole of the residue of my estate should she die without heirs. Then after the death of Leonard Parkinson then the residue of my estate to his son Richard Parkinson and his heirs.

My uncle Leonard Parkinson of Kinnersley in England, my friend George Watson Esquire of Montego Bay, my kinsman Purchas Lumley Esquire and Mr John Jones, both of Westmoreland, to be my executors and trustees.

Signed 28/01/1813. Proved in London 28/07/1815 but limited until the original will or a more authentic copy thereof shall be brought.

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