William Porter

1795 - 29th Dec 1820


Son of Thomas Porter I, brother of Thomas Porter II and Henry Porter (each of whom q.v.) and inheriting with his brothers land in England and estates and enslaved people in Demerara and Tobago under the will of Thomas Porter I.

  1. William Porter died in 1820, leaving monetary legacies and annuities to his family and his share of the real property to his brothers.

  2. There is a memorial to him in Rockbeare Church in Devon. It reads: ‘In humble hope that his short life may have led to a blessed immortality, beneath are deposited the mortal remains of William Porter, youngest son of the late Thomas Porter Esq. of Rockbeare House, died December the 29th 1820, in the 25th year of his age. His kind and affectionate heart deeply endeared him to his friends and relatives, and though that heart is now cold beneath, as a testimony that he is still dear to those whom he loved on earth, this marble has been erected.’


  1. Will of William Porter of Rockbeare House Devon proved 05/02/1821, PROB 11/1639/121.

  2. Email from Peter Wingfield-Digby 28/10/2019.

We are grateful to Peter Wingfield-Digby for his assistance with compiling this entry.

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Rockbeare House, Rockbeare, East Burleigh, Devon, Devon & Cornwall, England