Henry Fisher

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Slave-owner on Tobago. Original purchaser 20/05/1765 of Barbados Bay (St George's parish) Lots nos. 3 & 4, which became Friendsfield, and father of Ann, who married William Sloane of Tobago (q.v).

  1. One of the 28 resident signatories of 'A petition from the Proprietors of Tobago to the Governor General' 16/09/1767.

  2. Henry Fisher maintained an account with Lascelles, Clarke and Daling in London 1763-1773 and with Lascelles and Daling 1773-1774.


  1. The Historical Society of Trinidad and Tobago Publication no. 342, from CO 101/2.

  2. http://www.york.ac.uk/projects/harewoodslavery/transcribed.html [accessed 04/04/2014].

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