Henry Parker of Vere

???? - 1787


  1. Inherited Chesterfield estate in Vere and one moity of Kemp Savanna estate from George Booth (who died in 1769). He was probably the nephew of George Booth - as Booth's will leaves a legacy to his niece Milborah [sic] Maxwell, mother of Henry Maxwell and George Booth Maxwell, and Henry Parker's will leaves a legacy to his nephews Henry Maxwell and George Booth Maxwell. In this case, Henry Parker's mother's maiden surname would have been Booth.

  2. His son Thomas John Parker (q.v.) was baptised 09/07/1759 in Jamaica.


  1. Will of George Booth: PROB 11/951/204 (there is a transcript of this will available at http://www.antonymaitland.com/maitwils.htm [accessed 02/12/2013]). Will of Henry Parker: PROB 11/1159/230.

  2. Familysearch.org, Jamaica Church of England Parish Register Transcripts, 1664-1880 [database online].

Further Information

Thomas John (1759-1823)

PROB 11/1159/230.

Will of Henry Parker Esquire of Vere in Middlesex, Jamaica.

Dated 03/03/1787.

To pay all debts and funeral expenses.

To wife Isabella Parker an annuity of £600 pa plus all my plate, jewels, household linen, furniture and provision of household, also my carriage horses and carriages and the saddles, bridles, harness and furniture belonging to the same.

To my executors an annuity of £200 pa for my kinsman Robert Elrington until he reaches the age of 23. "And my will is that he be then placed at the University of Edinburgh to study surgery and that he be afterwards placed at one of the publick hospitals in London until he shall arrive at the age of twenty three... and in case the said Robert Elrington... shall return to the Island of Jamaica then it is my will and request to my said son Thomas John Parker that the said Robert Elrington may be employed in his said profession on my Estates in this Island and that he be permitted to reside on Hill Side Estate."

To Louis Stanford "a free Mulatto Boy whom I intend shortly to carry with me to Great Britain" an annuity of £50 pa tuntil he reaches the age of 21 - to be applied by my executors for his maintenance and education. Stanford "to be bound out apprentice to a merchant when of proper age" and that if he should afterwards return to Jamaica "then I request to my son that he be employed on my said estates".

All the residue to "my dear son" Thomas John Parker and his lawful heirs; otherwise to my nephews Henry Maxwell and George Booth Maxwell and their heirs with the payment of £2000 to their sister my niece Isabella Parker Maxwell.

Thomas John Parker to be my sole executor.

Proved in London 29/11/1787.


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