Alexander Bayley

???? - 1832


Owner of Wood Hall estate in St Dorothy, Jamaica. Died in 1832. Will of Alexander Bayley of St Dorothy County of Middlesex Island of Jamaica proved 11/1/2/1832.

Also attorney for various large estates in Clarendon, Vere and St Dorothy.


Guide to the microfilm edition of Papers relating to the Jamaica estates of the Goulburn family of Betchworth House from the Surrey History Centre introduced by Prof. Kenneth Morgan, Brunel University (Wakefield, Microform Academic Publishers, 2008).

PROB 11/1808/367.

Further Information

Sarah Ann Ricketts
4 daughters, 2 sons

PROB 11/1808/367 - precis.

Alexander Bayley of St Dorothy, Jamaica, Esquire.

To my dear wife £300 Jamaican currency in cash immediately on my decease. Also all my furniture, plate, linen, cutlery, glass, chinaware, wines, liquors, all other appurtenances in our domestic establishments in Jamaica, all my carriages, chaises, horses, harnesses and appendages thereto belonging. I direct that proper running shall be provided for her and my family at the expense of my estate.

Monies I have invested in the public stocks in Great Britain, further monies I have in England due to me from my merchants, factors or correspondents there, certain monies I have remitted to the United States of America. These to be transferred from time to time for the benefit of my family.

All my property whatsoever, wheresoever, shall be a fund for the use of my wife and my five younger children in manner and in the shares hereinafter mentioned. My executors to invest, alter or vary from time to time in their names during the life or widowhood of my dear wife Sarah Ann Bayley and the minority of any or either of my children Sarah Jane, Frances Louisa, Charlotte Augusta, Elizabeth and Alexander.

My wife to receive the whole interest, dividends or proceeds into her hands half yearly or by other convenient payments to be applied and used by her toward or for the maintenance and education and support of herself and of our said five younger children.

I hope the expenses of my son Alexander shall be met until he reaches the age of 21 years by the annual sum of £100 sterling but I leave it to the discretion of my wife to make the most of those monies for herself, our daughters and our son. And I rely on the dutiful affection of my said children towards their mother toward her for their general happiness in living united under her direction.

Immediately after the decease of my wife or if she shall intermarry then the interest shall be annually applied to the maintenance, support and education of my said daughters and my son until the youngest attain the age of 21 years, and I recommend them to keep united and to live together from one purse. Then at the age of 21 for the youngest or the death of my wife, the whole principal monies to be divided between my five younger children (my eldest son William Henry Ricketts Bayley being entirely left out from this part of my property in consequence of previous provisions for him), share and share alike.

Whereas one moity of Woodhall Plantation, lands, slaves, hereditaments and appurtenances were and are settled on Sarah Ann Bayley and the children by marriage and one subject to certain indentures by way of marriage settlement, and the other moiety was purchased by me from George St John Ricketts Esquire, my wife's brother, and whereas I have purchased additional lands and slaves and stock now attached to the said plantation, it is my wish that the whole of the lands and slaves etc should be settled in like manner as the other moity is settled, except that the annuity of £300 sterling to Rev. Lewis Bowerbank shall not attach on any other property than what it is now secured and charged upon.

All rest and residue of my estate to my said six children.

My dear wife to be executrix and guardian of my children during such time only as she shall remain a widow. In case she shall intermarry then Alexander MacWilliam of Clarendon Esquire and my son William Henry Ricketts Bayley and John Longmore of England to be also executors.

Signed 12/07/1832.

Sworn in Jamaica 01/09/1832.

Proved at London 11/12/1832.

Planter and attorney

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Sir Francis Souper Bayley described Alexander Bayley as his uncle in his will proved in...
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