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Francis Onslow Trent, of England, and his wife Judith Trent (late Judith Sober) counterclaimed for the compensation for the enslaved people on Checker Hall for a legacy under the will of Hilary Rowe, dated 29/09/1816, for £3502 19 71/2d currency. This will has not yet been traced. Jane Thornhill married Hillary [sic] Rowe in St Lucy Barbados 20/05/1762: the Hon. Hillary Rowe jun. appears as the son-in-law of Henry Thornhill in the latter's will made in 1769 and proved in 1770. His father was presumably the Lt Col. Hillary Rowe who was one of the executors of the will of an earlier Jane Thornhill dated 03/04/1739. The two men were simultaneously members of the Assembly for St Lucy c. 1767.


Brandow, Genealogies of Barbados Families pp. 518, 519 and 522; George Frere, A Short History of Barbados...to the end of the year 1767 (1768) p. 89. A Hillary Rowe married Jane Niccolls at St Peter's Barbados 05/01/1792, either a second marriage or a third generation.

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