Alexander Campbell of Grenada

1739 - 1795


Merchant and owner of Tivoli estate on Grenada, executed with Ninian Home in Fedon's Rebellion in 1795. Son of John Campbell of Lossit and his second wife Jean Campbell. Brother of James Campbell of Grenada and Tobago (q.v.). Early co-purchaser of land in Grenada, and of the island of Mustique.

  1. Partner with Jonathan [or John] Aitcheson in Campbell & Aitcheson. After the end of the partnership, mortgaged Tivoli in 1772 to help purchase Mount Liban, Rose Hill, Saint Cyr and Achalles [sic] estates, also in Grenada. In 1777 he added (with Ninian Home) the St John estate and half of Paraclete. He had also purchased Mustique with John Aitcheson in 1763.

  2. John Atchison [sic] purchased two lots under North-east Division (St John parish) nos. 8 & 9 in Tobago 09/05/1769. By 1773 the 'Present Proprietor' was Alexander Campbell, presumably the same man as this Alexander Campbell of Grenada.

  3. Brother of James and Duncan Campbell and cousin of Mungo, Thomas and John Campbell. This Duncan Campbell has yet to be definitively identified among the various Duncan Campbells active in the Ceded Islands in the late 18th century.

  4. He gave a brief account of his buying up of land and enslaved people in 1789-90 to the Slave Trade Committee.


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We are grateful to Dr Sonia Baker and David Alston for their help compiling this entry, and to Nicholas Courtney for his knowledge of Alexander Campbell's involvement in Mustique.

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- 1795 [EY] → Owner
1780 [EA] - → Owner
1780 [EA] - → Owner
1780 [EA] - → Owner
1780 [EA] - → Owner
1780 [EA] - → Owner
1777 [SY] - → Joint owner

With Ninian Home, Alexander Campbell purchased a half share in Paraclete and the adjacent St John estate in 1777.

Joint owner

Alexander Campbell with Jonathan or John Aitcheson purchased Lots 4, 7, 11, 13 and 14, which came to form the Tivoli estate

1780 [EA] - → Joint owner

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Ormaig, Kilmartin, Argyll, Argyll and Bute, Scotland