Thomas Hynes

???? - 1822

Claimant or beneficiary


James Simpson (q.v.) was awarded the compensation for the enslaved people on two estates in St Ann, Bromley and Greenfield, as the executor of Thomas Hynes mortgagee formerly of Jamaica and lately of Galway in Ireland.

  1. Will of Thomas Hynes merchant of the town of Galway proved 25/05/1822. He ordered his property in Jamaica to be sold and the proceeds remitted to George, Robert and Samuel Hibbert in London: George, William and Samuel Hibbert were also appointed guardians to Hynes' children with two men from Connaught.


T71/857 St Ann nos. 110 and 115. Simpson (a returned Kingston merchant and himself of Irish descent) is identified as exor of Thomas Hynes mortgagee [formerly of Kingston Jamaica and lately of Galway in Ireland - T71/1181].

  1. PROB 11/1657/97.

Further Information

[1] Marcella [2] Elizabeth Helen
With [1] Robert Thomas, Margaret, Marcella

PROB 11/1657/97 - precis.

Thomas Hynes late of Jamaica, merchant, but now of the town of Galway.

My executors to sell all my property real or personal in Jamaica for the interest of my estate, and to recruit the net proceeds to the commercial house in London of the firm George, Robert and Samuel Hibbert to be placed in the public funds for the execution of this will and to fulfill the settlement made on my children agreeable to the articles executed on my intermarriage with their late mother Marcella in January 1808.

Christopher Redington of Kilcoman and Thomas Black of Lackview of this province of Connaught with George William and Samuel Hibbert of London to be guardians of my children. My son to have all the residue and remainder of my real and personal property.

To my nephew Thomas Hynes (son of my brother Francis Hynes of Cork) £300 sterling.

To my sister Elizabeth Lawless £50 sterling per annum for life.

To Elizabeth Walpole, the widow of the late James Walpole £50.

To Christopher Redington of Kilmonan £100 guineas.

To Thomas Blair of Lakeview, county Mayo, £100 guineas.

To Rt Rev Nicholas Archdeacon £20 guineas.

Robert Taylor and James Simpson of the House of Taylors and Simpson to be my executors in Jamaica.

My friends Christopher Redington and Thomas Blake to be executors in Great Britain.

Signed 04/06/1817.

The Rt Hon. Lord French was mentioned as a guardian to my children and executor by erased 20/05/1813.

04/06/1817. To my servant man named James Larvieure[?] £100 in lieu of all wages that may be due to him.

Elizabeth Helen Hynes the widow, and Robert Thomas Hynes, Margaret Hynes and Marcella Hynes the children.

Proved 19/12/1821


Associated Claims (2)

£757 6s 10d
Beneficiary deceased (Mortgagee)
£2,171 15s 2d
Beneficiary deceased (Mortgagee)

Associated Estates (5)

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1834 [EA] - → Mortgage Holder
1834 [EA] - → Mortgage Holder
1807 [EA] - 1820 [LA] → Owner
1823 [EA] - → Other

Previous owner of some of these enslaved people.

1809 [EA] - 1822 [EY] → Owner

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Testator → Executor

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Galway, Co. Galway, Ireland