Ann Sill

4th Mar 1766 - 1835

Claimant or beneficiary


West Yorkshire landowner who claimed compensation as owner of Providence estate in St James Jamaica, but then died: the compensation was awarded to her trustees, Adam Sedgwick and James Davis (both of whom q.v.)   

  1. Daughter of Edmund Sill (1721-1806) and Elizabeth Clough (1764-1807) of Westhouse.  Inherited after the deaths of her three brothers by 1805 and her father in 1806 both land in West Yorkshire and Providence estate in St James', previously owned by her uncle John of Jamaica (1724-1774), who was also the part-owner of two ships engaged in the West Indies trade, the Pickering and the Dent.  Her brother John (who died 1803) used 'revenues from Jamaica to buy up various estates at or near Westhouses'.  

  2. Will of Ann Sill spinster of Sedbergh Yorkshire proved 06/10/1835.

  3. The Sill family have been proposed as the model for the Earnshaw family in Wuthering Heights.


T71/863 St James No. 546.

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  2. PROB 11/1853.

  3. Christopher Heywood Yorkshire Slavery in Wuthering Heights [accessed 10/02/2012].

Further Information


Transcript of Will (WFQ 009 1808) and two codicils (1809 and 8/11/1831) of Ann Sill of Westhouses in Kirthwaite, transcribed by Diana Elphick and Audrey Dewjee, sent by Audrey Dewjee to the LBS project 17/10/12010. Executors = James Davis and Adam Sedgwick, the two also featuring among the residuary devisees.   Providence Estate (property of Ann's deceased uncle John Sill) to be sold. 2nd codicil refers also to a tract of land ('parcel of land and premises') and buildings 'now or lately forming part of and occupied with the Plantation or estate called Potosi and which was recently purchased of and conveyed to me by Mr Francis Watt and others', explicitly made subject to the same terms of the will as Providence.     

Associated Claims (1)

£3,783 1s 8d
Deceased claimant successful

Associated Estates (1)

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1815 [EA] - 1835 [EY] → Owner

Legacies Summary

Physical (2)

Plaque erected in St Andrew, Dent by Ann Sill for her family members [Built] 
description →
Plaque in St Andrew Dent, Cumbria installed by Ann Sill, memorialsing her three brothers, her father and mother. Her own name was later added to the plaque....
Country house
Whernside Manor, formerly West House [Built] 
description →
Grade II listed house, built by the Sill family, possibly by Ann Sill's father Edmund. It is not clear to what extent the wealth of the family depended on their well-established connections to...

Relationships (2)

Sister → Brother
Niece → Uncle

Addresses (1)

West House, Dent, Yorkshire, Yorkshire, England