Francis Shand of Sandfield Park

18th Nov 1800 - 7th Jul 1868


West India merchant, Liverpool shipowner and Antigua proprietor, son and partner from 1826 of Charles Shand (q.v.) and William Shand (q.v.), and later described as an East India merchant.

  1. Born 1800, eldest son of Charles Shand (q.v.) of Rupert House and his wife Grace, eldest daughter of John Mitchell of Maryton near Montrose. Baptised in Liverpool as a Particular Baptist in 1800 and again in the Church of England in 1819.

  2. Married (18 March 1837) Lydia Byam (1818-1868) in St George parish, Antigua, West Indies. She was the daughter of Hon. Sir William Byam of Cedar Hill. Their 13 children were: Grace Byam (1838-1839); Jane Byam (1841-1912); Lydia Byam (1843-1922); Alice Byam (1845-1848); Edith Byam (1845-1849); Agnes Martha Byam (1847-1849); Francis (1848-1904); William Byam (1850-1853); Eleanor (1851-1853); Constance Elizabeth (1852-1925); Charles Arthur (1855-1910); Beatrice Mary (1857-); William Alfred Byam (1859-1942).

  3. Francis Shand, age 50, merchant, born Liverpool, was living in Sandfield Park, West Derby, in 1851 with wife Lydia age 32, born Antigua, daughters Jane Byam age 10, born Antigua and Lydia Byam age 7, born Crofton Lancashire, sons Francis age 2, born Crofton and William Byam age 1, born West Derby, an infant daughter age 1 month, a visitor Martha Ann Byam age 29, one male and six female servants. He was at Woolton Wood Hall in 1861, with wife Lydia, daughters Jane Byam, Lydia Byam, Constance E. and Beatrice Mary, sons Charles A. and William A. B., a visitor named Harriet Mallory, Harriet's maid, two male and seven female servants.

  4. Gunthorpe's estate in Antigua was sold by the West India Encumbered Estates Court for £2000, to Francis Shand.

  5. Will of Francis Shand of Sandown [sic] Park Wavertree Liverpool who died 07/07/1868 at 16 Eaton Terrace proved 02/10/1868 by Alexander Shand brother and merchant of Old Church Yard Liverpool, effects under £70,000.


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We are grateful to Mandy Francis and Janet Hollinshead for their assistance with compiling this entry.

Further Information

Lydia Byam
9 daughters; 4 sons
Wealth at death
East India and West India merchant

Associated Claims (2)

£1,450 7s 7d
£3,922 3s 0d
Other association

Legacies Summary

Commercial (2)

Railway Investment
Liverpool, Warrington, Manchester and Stockport Direct [1846276]  
Name partner
Charles, William and Francis Shand
West India merchant  

Relationships (4)

Son-in-law → Father-in-law
Son → Father
Nephew → Uncle
Notes →
The two men were also partners [T71/1219 Antiua nos. 3, 9, 22 etc.: power of attorney produced by William Shand from his nephew and partner Francis Shand]...
Nephew → Uncle

Addresses (4)

Everton, Liverpool, Lancashire, North-west England, England
16 Eaton Terrace, London, Middlesex, London, England
Notes →

Residence at time of death

Sandfield Park, West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire, North-west England, England
Notes →

Residence at 1851 Census. The census entry is simply 'Sandfield Park', two entries after Bazil Grange; based on the direction of addresses given and the 1851 County Series map, the most likely building is one later named Woodbourne, knocked down in the 1970s.

Woolton Wood Hall, Much Woolton, Liverpool, Lancashire, North-west England, England
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Residence at 1861 Census