Ann Schaw formerly Steel (née Jarrett)

1760 - 28th Feb 1837

Claimant or beneficiary


Née Ann Jarrett, the daughter of Herbert Newton Jarrett II, mother of Ann Jarrett Lawson (q.v.) and grandmother of Caroline and Sarah Pope, whose husbands were co-executors with Ann Jarrett Lawson for the Westfield estate in Trelawny. Ann Schaw counterclaimed on the enslaved people on the estate as 'tenant for life of a rent of £400 p.a.', but did not receive compensation: it is assumed the family settled among themselves.

  1. Born 1760. Married (1) 1776 Dr Thomas Steel of Steelfield Trelawny (2) 1787 Edward Schaw of Schawfield. Died Park Street Brandon Hill Bristol 28/02/1837 aged 77.


T71/874 Trelawny claim no. 107 (Westfield).

  1. [accessed 30/06/2011].

Further Information

Maiden Name
(1) Dr Thomas Steel (2) Edward Schaw
With (1): Ann, Jessey Noble, Thomas, Sarah. With (2): John Jarrett, Edward, Mary

Associated Claims (1)

£4,299 8s 6d
Unsuccessful claimant (consensual)

Relationships (4)

Sister → Brother
Daughter → Father
Mother → Daughter
Widow → Deceased Husband

Addresses (1)

Park Street, Bristol, Gloucestershire, South-west England, England