Dorrien, Magens, Mello

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1800 →
Dorrien, Magens, Mello, Martin & Harrison [London Gazette]


1.The banking firm of Dorrien Rucker and Carl[e]ton was formed in 1772.

  1. Dissolution of partnership of Thomas Dorrien, M. Dorrien Magens, Arnold Mello, A. Martin and M. Harrison as bankers 31/12/1799, continued by Dorrien, Magens, Mello and Martin  
  2. Dissolution of Dorrien, Magens Mello and Martin, continues as Dorrien, Magens, Dorrien and Mello (Thomas Dorrien; M. Dorrien Magens; Thomas Dorrien jun.; Ambrose Martin and John Mello

  3. Retirement of M. Dorrien Magens from partnership of Thomas Dorrien, John Dorrien Magens, John Mello and George Bramwell   

  4. Predecessor firm of RBS. 


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