Charles Turner

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1800 →
Samuel Turner 5 New City Chambers [P.O.]
1811 →
S., S. & C. Turner 5 City Chambers [P.O.]
1820 →
S. & C. Turner 5 New City Chambers [P.O.]
1832 →
5 New City Chambers [Pigots (1832-34)]


  1. Dissolution of the firm of Samuel and Charles Turner as West India merchants in London and Liverpool, the business to be continued by Charles Turner.

  2. Notice that Charles Turner of the City Chambers in the City of London and of Liverpool had by indentures of lease and release and assignment dated 29 and 31/10/1831 conveyed and assigned all his real and personal estate and effects unto Hardman Earle, of Liverpool merchant, Richard Heywood of Liverpool banker and John Hayward Turner of Liverpool merchant, for the equal benefit of all creditors of Charles Turner.


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