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  • EA - Earliest Known Association
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  • LA - Latest Known Association
1780 [SY] - → Trust beneficiary
1780 [SY] - 1823 [EY] → Annuitant

Annuitant for £300 a year, presumably under the terms of her marriage settlement. See will of John Julius for details.

- 1780 [LA] → Owner

In his will of 1813, John Julius (q.v.), the brother of William Julius, said the he had purchased Mansion, which had belonged to William, subject to an annuity of £300 p.a. to Jane Smith Julius [nee Edwards], William's widow. It is not yet clear when this transaction took place. William died in 1780 and his residuary legatee was his youngest son Dr George Charles Julius (1775-1866).

- 1813 [EY] → Owner
1813 [SY] - 1815 [EY] → Owner
1817 [EA] - 1826 [LA] → Previous owner
1826 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Owner

The estate was delivered to John Swindell 01/02/1826

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£1,834 2S 6D

Estate Information (7)

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[Name] [no name given]  

Return of John Julius, deceased, owner; returned by John R Taylor, manager; the estate names are not given in this register, but have been identified using later registers as Mansion, Hope and Colhoun estates. Also see the entry for Hope and Colhoun.

T 71/253 508 -519
[Number of enslaved people] 161(Tot)  
[Name] Mansion  

Return of John Julius Esq, deceased, owner; John Dawson , manager.

T 71/255 55-57
[Number of enslaved people] 137(Tot)  
[Name] Mansion  

Return of John Julius, deceased owner; John Julius Kerie, executor; 4 enslaved people were removed from the estate 'being the property of Jedediah Kerie'.

T 71/256 224-226
[Number of enslaved people] 133(Tot)  
[Name] Mansion  

Returned by John Julius Kerie, executor of the estate of John Julius deceased;133 enslaved people were on the estate on 1 Feb 1826 when the estate was delivered to John Swindell.

T 71/258 346
[Number of enslaved people] 125(Tot)  
[Name] Mansion  

Return of the estate of John Swindell Esq, owner; returned by William Jordan, manager; 133 enslaved people were received with the estate by John Swindell Esq on Feb. 1st 1826; there is another entry for this estate on folio 346. Christ Church, Nichola Town

T 71/258 135-139
[Number of enslaved people] 108(Tot)  
[Name] Mansion  

Return of John Swindell Esq, owner; returned by William Jordan, manager.

T 71/259 136-137
[Number of enslaved people] 104(Tot)  
[Name] Mansion Estate  

Return of John Swindell, owner.

T 71/260 167