Barbados 1 (Bay Estate)

9th Jan 1837 | 180 Enslaved | £3636 19s 4d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 325.

T71/895: counterclaims included Thomas Dayrell, of England.

T71/553 pp. 50-4: enslaved persons were registered by John Alleyne Beckles in March 1834.

T71/1306: there were a number of counterclaims, all withdrawn, but which were likely to have been part of an agreed deal. Counterclaims included John Wood, an assignee from B. K. Reece, of £375 sterling , £500 currency, who in turn had been assigned the money by Mary S. Dehany from a judgment of £1530 7s 71/2d sterling against J. A. Beckles, executor of J. Beckles.

T71/1593 p. 245: letter, dated 02/08/1836, to Mrs F. Cobham (nee Mary Harvey [Macrae]), 17 York Place, Edinburgh, who, as administrator of Francis Cobham (deceased), was seeking to recover debts from compensation, including from J. A. Beckles, owner-in-fee for 2 claims.

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Bay Estate

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