St Kitts 705

19th Dec 1836 | 172 Enslaved | £2925 4s 2d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 311.

T71/879: claim by Wm. Woodley. Multiple counterclaims, including: Henry Woodley; Reid and Dixon; several interested under the will of Wm. Woodley. Counterclaim from William John Bankes, of Kingston Hall, Dorset; Hon. Rev. Gerard Thomson Noel, of Farnham; Sir John Deas Thomson, of Farleigh Priory, Kent; Harriet Pickard, of Bath (Somerset) and Mary Noel (a widow) of the same city, all as creditors under deeds of settlement and mortgage with principal and interest due of £6890. Counterclaim also from Jane Kerby, etc.

T71/1295: £890 went to Harriet Pickard, for arrears of interest on principal of £6000; the residue went to Noel and Thomson, as trustees for the marriage settlement of Frederick Noel and Mary Noel (nee Woodley).

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St Kitts
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