Dominica 146 (Hatton Garden)

7th Aug 1837 | 127 Enslaved | £2104 5s 5d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 313.

The award was split: £841 14s 2d went to each of C.A. Francklyn and Robert Anderson; £420 17s 1d went to Thomas and Wm. Coles, together.

T71/881: claim by Wm. Coles, of London, as the surviving trustee of the estate of Joseph Warner. Numerous counterclaims. (1) Counterclaim from Jane Heming Warner, of 42 Leicester Square, London, a spinster, as one of the surviving children of Wm. Warner and his legatee as to one third, and as joint legatee with her brother Colonel Warner under the will of her deceased brother Joseph Thomas Warner. (2) Counterclaim from Robert Anderson, at Mr Frederick Leuths [?], surgeon, Homerton, Middlesex, as the administrator to his father James Anderson's will. (3) Counterclaim from Catherine Jane Warner (wife of Edward Warner), of Sheerness, Kent, under a marriage settlement of £1000 per annum. (4) Counterclaim from Thos. Coles, of Thornton Heath, Surrey, and Wm. Coles, of Mincing Lane, London, as the executors of George Godwin, who was the release and assignee of T. Coles, Wm. Coles and R. Godwin under a mortgage dated 01/01/1808. (5) Counterclaim from John Gordon, of Roseau, and Charles Alfred Francklyn, of Tobago, as assignees of Martha Fleming Ottley, of a mortgage dated 25/03/1790, secured on a moiety of the estate. (6) Counterclaim from Robt. Anderson, of Eaton Ple, Eaton Sq., Pimlico, London, as cestui que trust under an indre of assignment of a mortgage dated 26/06/1820.

See also Dominica claim no. 147.

T71/1609: letter, dated 09/10/1835, from T. & W. Coles, executors of the late George Goodwin, of Girdlers hall, London, stating that W. Coles was the son-in-law of George Goodwin. He went to Dominica in May 1834, and returned and died in February 1835. He registered the enslaved persons only as the executor of Joseph Fleming (Warner?).

T71/1609: letter, dated 07/09/1837, from Catherine Warner, from Paris, France, referring to the forwarding of a copy of her marriage settlement from Trinidad.

T71/1592 p. 205: letter to Alex Ridgeway Esq, of 42 Leicester Sq., from the Court of Chancery, referring to the counterclaim of Miss Jane H. Warner.

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Hatton Garden

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