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Awarded with William Coles [the younger] (q.v.) part of the compensation for the enslaved people on Hatton Garden on Dominica.  

  1. A Thomas Coles (either this man or more probably his father) was a witness at the marriage of William Coles and Ann Godwin at St Mary Bothaw in the City of London 12/01/1793 (as was George Godwin).    

  2. Thomas Coles was cited in the Copy of Report of the Special Committee of Governors of Bridewell and Bethlem Hospitals dated 24/06/1835 returned to the House of Commons 03/03/1836. Appointed as Treasurer in February 1831, he had mixed the charitable funds with his own. 'Thomas Coles of Thornton Heath' (presumably the same man) and William Coles the younger had advanced money apparently belonging to the hospital as trustees of an estate to a beneficiary of the trust and accepted government stock back to settle the advance. Thomas Coles wrote an apology dated 04/12/1835 in which he blamed the Receiver, Mr Hudson. The Hospitals took Coles to court successfully, but his 'securities' [guarantors] did not meet their obligations.

  3. Elizabeth, the eldest daughter of Thomas Coles of Thornton Heath married in 1827 the Rev. George Coles, the son of William Coles (and presumably her cousin).


T71/881 Dominica no. 146 , which shows him as of Thornton Heath, Surrey; T71/1609 letter from T&W Coles, executors of late George Go[o]dwin, Girdlers hall, London, 09/10/1835 explaining that the first William Coles was the son-in-law of George Go[o]dwin, went to Dominica May 1834, returned and died February 1835, registered slaves only as executor of Joseph Fleming [Warner?].

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