UCL Faculty of Laws


Priya Urs, Faculty Research Scholarship

Priya Urs
Programme, and year of study: PhD, 3rd year
Where you are from: India
Area of research: Public International Law
PhD supervisor: Professor Roger O’Keefe and Professor Kimberley Trapp
Scholarship received: Faculty Research Scholarship

Why did you choose to apply to study at UCL Laws?
My supervisor.

What are your favourite things about studying at UCL Laws?
The excellent Faculty, my colleagues in the PhD programme, and living in London.

What do you hope to do once your studies are complete?
A career in academia or international law.

How did you hear about the UCL Laws scholarships?
UCL Laws' website.

What impact has receiving this scholarship had for you?
I was admitted to all of the four PhD programmes I applied for and UCL was the only university I received funding from. Had this not been the case, I would likely not have been able to do my PhD (at least not in the UK).

If you hadn’t received this scholarship what do you think your plans would be, if not studying at UCL Laws?
Applying for PhD programmes in mainland Europe (e.g. The Netherlands).

If someone was thinking of applying for a scholarship what would you say to them?
There is an incredible amount of luck in scholarship applications. If you are applying to UCL from another country that offers scholarships for its nationals (e.g. Commonwealth scholarships) I would strongly encourage you to apply for them. University scholarships tend to be the most competitive.

If someone was thinking of funding or sponsoring a scholarship what would you say to them?
With university fees exceptionally high, scholarships are for some international students in particular the only opportunity to undertake a PhD in the UK. If diversity in academia is valued, as I believe it should be, this could be something for potential sponsors to consider.