UCL Faculty of Laws


Programme and Faculty Representatives

Academic Reps - Course (or Programme) and Faculty Representatives - gather your opinions and work with staff at the university to act on your priorities and make your education better.

    Programme Representatives 

    As a UCL Laws student, you can run for election as a Programme Representative to represent students’ views to the Law Faculty. Programme Representatives represent undergraduate, postgraduate taught and research students.  

    The representatives sit on various committees such as the Staff-Student Consultative Committee to act as the voice of students, ensuring that the Faculty hears the students’ views as part of its decision-making processes. One of the programme representatives will be asked to act as the ‘lead’ representative, co-chairing the Staff-Student Consultative Committee meeting.

    Faculty Representatives 

    In addition to Programme Representatives, the UCL Students' Union will seek to appoint an undergraduate, postgraduate taught and research Faculty Representative. The Faculty Representative sits on the Union Council and thereby represents the Faculty at the wider University level.

    Please see the Students’ Union website for further information on Academic Reps and their roles.

    Why become a Programme or Faculty Representative? 

    Being a representative is a valuable and rewarding experience. As a Representative, you can:

    • Make a difference to current and future students at UCL by representing their views and campaigning on issues that students face;
    • Be part of shaping the future of both UCL and UCL Students’ Union;
    • Gain valuable experience and skills that will look great on your CV and help when applying for jobs in the future.