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Courses at UCL Laws

Academic Legal Writing

Academic Legal Writing courses are offered to provide support and guidance on legal writing and theory, reading and note-taking techniques, coursework assessment (formative and summative), research essays and examination preparation.

The courses are aimed at both undergraduate and postgraduate students who may have little or no experience of legal writing, as well as those who do and are aiming to enhance their grades.

One of the key aspects of the courses is the understanding of the assessment criteria and the requirements of exam questions. By analysing module coursework, research essays and examination scripts, as well as completing weekly timed essays, students develop the skills required to write within the academic legal context.

Reference materials and reading lists are provided via Moodle once students are enrolled. One to one tutorial sessions are also available throughout the year upon request.

Undergraduate students 

  • First year students have a number of sessions to introduce them to Academic Legal Writing in term 1
  • Second and third year students can opt to attend weekly sessions to focus on specific techniques such as Research Essay writing in term 2

Postgraduate students 

The Academic Legal Writing courses are delivered to LLM students over the first two terms of the programme.

  • Term 1 takes a theoretical look at legal writing and focuses on improving accuracy, clarity and coherence of writing, as well as providing weekly practice for LLM students
  • Term 2 prepares for exams with weekly essay writing assignments based on LLM students’ own modules, as well as support during the different stages of the drafting of the Research Essays.

Law Teachers' Programme

The Law Teachers' Programme is a non-accredited course, made up of a series of informal and interactive seminars for present and intending law teachers who are registered as graduate students at UCL Laws. The programme aims to encourage reflection on legal pedagogy and develop stimulating, engaging and inclusive law teaching.

Subjects discussed during the Programme include EDI (equality, diversity, and inclusion), decolonisation, ecological sustainability, and mental health and wellbeing in legal education. 

This optional module is free, and does not constitute any part of the curriculum for the LLM degree. The programme is subject to availability, and further information about the programme and how to register will be issued to graduate students during LLM induction week.