UCL Faculty of Laws


Simran Kalra

Teaching Fellow

Qualifications: PhD Student, LL.M. SOAS (2014), B.Sc. LL.B NUJS Kolkata (2009)

Current Teaching: Laws' Connections


Simran works on sociology of law with a focus on migration, multiculturalism, and gender. Simran is particularly interested in plural legal orders and is currently working on a law reform project with Register Our Marriage with focuses on religion-based discrimination under the Marriage Act, 1949.  At UCL, Simran is co-teaching Family Law in the UK.

Simran has previously worked as an Assistant Professor at the Jindal School of Government and Public Policy, Delhi NCR where too my work focused on law and governance.

Rights of Second Wives: Role of Informal Justice Systems, Economic and Political Weekly 2016  Vol. 51, Issue No. 25

Book Review: Rishi Singh, State Formation and the Establishment of Non-Muslim Hegemony: Post-Mughal 19th-century Punjab, South Asia Research Vol. 37 (1): 109-132.