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UCL Legal Studies Research Paper Series

UCL Legal Studies Research Paper Series

UCL Laws is an agenda-setting community of legal scholars. Informed by a rich heritage of philosophical, contextual and empirical enquiry, our research has real-world impact, shaping legal and judicial policy in the UK and across the globe. The Faculty launched its own UCL Legal Studies Research Paper Series (RPS) in October 2018 which contains works in progress and published papers from our faculty. 


Professor Virginia Mantouvalou, Professor of Human Rights and Labour Law, University College London


RPS 17/2023  Judicial Review and Presidential Elections in Africa by Berihun Adugna Gebeye
RPS 16/2023  Rationalising the Penalties Rule by Prince Saprai
RPS 15/2023  State Silence as Acceptance: A Presumption and an Exception by Danae Azaria
RPS 14/2023  The Conditions for Inferring a 'Dispute' from State Silence by Danae Azaria
RPS 13/2023  Reflections on the Law Governing Confidentiality in Arbitration by Lawrence Collins
RPS 12/2023  The Use and Abuse of 28 U.S.C. Section 1782 Litigation in England by Lawrence Collins
RPS 11/2023  The Histories, Practices, and Policies of Community Data Governance in the ‘Global South’ by Divij Joshi & Aditya Singh
RPS 10/2023  Public Trusts, 1750-1850 by Charles Mitchell
RPS 09/2023  The Rule of Law by Jeff King
RPS 08/2023  Environmental Democracy and Law on Public Participation by Maria Lee
RPS 07/2023  Constitution-Making as a Technique of International Law: Reconsidering the Post-War Inheritance by Anna Saunders
RPS 06/2023  Law after Dominium: Thinking with Martti Koskenniemi on Property, Sovereignty and Transformation by Anna Saunders
RPS 05/2023  Historical Conceptions of the Express Trust, c 1600-1900 by David Foster
RPS 04/2023  The Four Faces of Ethiopian Federalism by Berihun Adugna Gebeye
RPS 03/2023  The EU’s Evolving Approach to Environmental Sustainability in Free Trade Agreements by Gracia Marin Duran
RPS 02/2023  The Identity of the Constitutional Subject and the Construction of Constitutional Identity: Lessons from Africa by Berihun Adugna Gebeye
RPS 01/2023  Balancing as a Legal Method: What It Is and How (Not) to Do It by George Letsas


RPS 21/2022  Religious Neutrality at Europe's Highest Courts: Shifting Strategies by Myriam Hunter-Henin
RPS 20/2022  Netting Off Gains and Losses in the Law of Unjust Enrichment by Charles Mitchell
RPS 19/2022  International Law Since the Cold War: Jurisdiction by Alex Mills
RPS 18/2022  The Unethical Environmental Lawyer by Steven Vaughan
RPS 17/2022  The Figure of the Lawyer in Orford's International Law and the Politics of History by Megan Donaldson
RPS 16/2022  Carbon Border Adjustments: Ensuring Compatibility With the International Climate and Trade Regimes by Gracia Marin Duran
RPS 15/2022  The Law and Political Economy of AI Governance in India by Divij Joshi
RPS 14/2022  Justificanda by Charles Mitchell & Jessica Hudson
RPS 13/2022  Queering the Reasonable Person by Haim Abraham
RPS 12/2022  The Disappointment of Climate Change Legislation: Investigating Tensions with the Rule of Law by Eloise Scotford
RPS 11/2022  Climate Change and the Rule of Law(Yers): What Thinner and Thicker Accounts Might Require of Those in Practice by Steven Vaughan
RPS 10/2022  From ‘Corporate Governance’ to Ecological Regulation: Flipping the Regulatory Story on Climate Change by Christine Parker
RPS 09/2022  Environmental Rule of Law as Key to Strengthening the Response to the Climate Crisis: A Comment by Maria Socorro Manguiat
RPS 08/2022  A Changing Climate for In-House Lawyers? What Should They Really Say to Clients? by Peter Kellett
RPS 07/2022  Do England & Wales Qualified Solicitors Have a Legal Duty to Advise Their Clients on Climate-Related Risks? by Sarah de Gay
RPS 06/2022  Never Let Me Go: Private Law and the Conservative Impulse by Prince Saprai
RPS 05/2022  Justifying and Challenging Territoriality in Private International Law by Alex Mills
RPS 04/2022  Thinking, Talking and Acting about Public Health Ethics in the COVID-19 Pandemic by Jonathan Montgomery, Kenneth Kaufman & Richard Williams
RPS 03/2022  Crippling Compensation in the International Law Commission and Investor–State Arbitration by Martins Paparinskis
RPS 02/2022  Structures of Injustice, the Law, and Exploitative Work by Virginia Mantouvalou
RPS 01/2022  Tort Liability, Combatant Activities, and the Question of Over-Deterrence by Haim Abraham


RPS 06/2021  Long Live Monetary Gold *Terms and Conditions Apply by Martins Paparinskis
RPS 05/2021  The Boundaries of Peace-Making: British Imperial Encounters, c. 1700–1900 by Megan Donaldson
RPS 04/2021  The Power to Consent and the Criminal Law by Mark Dsouza
RPS 03/2021  Probing the Hidden Depths of Climate Law: Analysing National Climate Change Legislation by Eloise Scotford
RPS 02/2021  Legislation and the Stress of Environmental Problems by Eloise Scotford
RPS 01/2021  Rethinking Clean Air: Air Quality Law and COVID-19 by Eloise Scotford

Further past papers can be found on SSRN


We welcome submissions from members of UCL Laws, doctoral students and visiting scholars. To submit papers to the UCL Legal Studies Research Papers Series, please write to the Editor, including the paper, an abstract and key words.