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Parliament and the Law

by Alexander Horne


2 February 2018

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Parliament and the Law (2nd Edition), Hart Publishing, February 2018

Alexander Horne, Honorary Lecturer at UCL Laws, co-edited Parliament and the Law alongside Gavin Drewry, Emeritus Professor of Public Administration at Royal Holloway (University of London) and Honorary Professor at UCL Laws.


Parliament and the Law is an edited collection of essays, supported by the UK's Study of Parliament Group, including contributions by leading constitutional lawyers, political scientists and parliamentary officials. It provides a wide-ranging overview of the ways in which the law applies to, and impacts upon, the UK Parliament, and it considers how recent changes to the UK's constitutional arrangements have affected Parliament as an institution.

It includes authoritative discussion of a number of issues of topical concern, such as: the operation of parliamentary privilege, the powers of Parliament's select committees, parliamentary scrutiny, devolution, English Votes for English Laws, Members' conduct and the governance of both Houses. It also contains chapters on financial scrutiny, parliamentary sovereignty, Parliament and human rights, and the administration of justice.