UCL Faculty of Laws


Introduction: Human Embryo Culture

By Professor Jonathan Montgomery


5 September 2017

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Montgomery, JR; (2017) Introduction: Human Embryo Culture. In: (Proceedings) Workshop: time limits on maintaining human embryos in research. (In press). 


This introduction explains three jurisdictional functions of the '14 day rule' in the regulation of embryo research in the UK; constraining the powers of the licensing authority, reserving any reform to Parliament, and defining the scope of the public policy debate. It explains the indirect connection between moral arguments and the legal regulatory tools.

It sets out the structure that a reform proposal would need to take; specifying anticipated benefits and new jurisdictional devices. It identifies to arguments that would involve reopening previously settled issues rather than contributing the debate about the implications of new scientific possibilities (i.e. conferring full human rights on the human embryo and denying the need for special regulation of human embryo research).

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