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Corporate Governance: Law, Regulation and Theory

Dr Martin Petrin

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1 September 2017

Dr Martin Petrin, Senior Lecturer at UCL Faculty of Laws and Deputy Director of UCL Centre for Commercial Law, is the co-author of newly published Corporate Governance: Law, Regulation and Theory alongside Dr Marc Moore, University of Cambridge.

Corporate Governance: Law, Regulation and Theory is the first ever academic text on UK corporate governance written from a dedicated legal perspective. It offers a clear, concise and accessible analysis of the legal and regulatory framework of corporate governance in the UK.

In addition to informing readers about the core laws and regulatory principles that determine the allocation of decision-making power in UK public companies, the book also highlights how prevailing corporate governance norms operate within their broader market and societal context. In doing so, it seeks to encourage readers to develop their own critical opinions on the topic by reference to leading strands of theoretical and inter-disciplinary literature, along with relevant comparative and historical insights.

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