UCL Faculty of Laws

Prof Jane Holder

Prof Jane Holder

Professor of Environmental Law

Faculty of Laws


Joined UCL
1st Oct 1992

Research summary

My current research interests are the regulation of decision making concerning land use and development, EU environmental law, the environmental protection aspects of common ownership, Wild Law, environmental justice and sustainability education.  In this context, my research draws on critical geography and feminist theories to help understand and develop recognition in law of an ecological ethic of care.

I am researching the significance for legal education of key agendas - sustainability, decolonising the curriculum, diversity and inclusivity and well-being of students.  I currently lead the Law Teachers' Programme, designed and developed by Professor William Twining.  I have built a practical element into this research on legal pedagogy and environmental justice by entering into partnership with the Environmental Law Foundation.  This involves participation in the Foundation's national network of law school clinics, with the aim of equipping law students with the skills and knowledge to undertake legal research work in local communities.  

I am a member of the Centre for Law and the Environment, and Chair of UCL's Education for Sustainable Development Steering Group and aim to help raise the profile and embed sustainability education in the law curriculum and other disciplines.

I am Co Editor of the International Journal of Law in Context and was awarded the Oxford University Law Teacher of the Year award in 2015.

Teaching summary

Current Teaching

Undergraduate (LLB)

Environmental Law

Animal Justice

Postgraduate (LLM)

Land Use Sustainability and Environmental Justice

Advanced Foundations of Environmental Law

Law Teachers' Programme (non-accredited)

PhD supervision

I have supervised and co-supervised doctoral students working on public participation, land access, renewable energy, EU fisheries agreements, and EU transport policy. I welcome applications for supervision in the following areas: environmental assessment, habitat conservation, spatial strategy and planning, Wild Law, climate justice and renewable energy. I also welcome the opportunity to supervise students working in related areas and am particularly keen to co-supervise students working on interdisciplinary projects.


University of Warwick
Doctorate, Doctor of Philosophy |
University of Warwick
First Degree, Bachelor of Laws | 1990


I have carried out research on environmental law since graduating from Warwick University in 1990. My PhD (also carried out at Warwick University and awarded in 1996) was on environmental assessment, published as a book, Environmental Assessment: the Regulation of Decision Making (OUP, 2004).  I joined UCL in 1992 and teach on the Faculty of Laws' environmental law programme, having developed interdisciplinary courses such as Land Use Sustainability and Environmental Justice. I have supervised many PhD students in the field of environmental law.