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Cambridge-UCL Competition Law and Policy Hub launched

25 March 2024

UCL and the University of Cambridge have recently launched the Cambridge-UCL Competition Law and Policy Hub, a collaborative effort between UCL's Centre for Law, Economics and Society and the University of Cambridge's Centre for European Legal Studies.

Logos of UCL CLES and ELS

Directed by Professors Ioannis Lianos (UCL) and Okeoghene Odudu (University of Cambridge), the initiative aims to foster research and discussion among academics and PhD students in the fields of competition law, economics, and broader regulatory policies.

The hub is managed Professor Odudu, Folakunmi Pinheiro, Luz Daniel at the University of Cambridge, and Professor Lianos and Todd Davies at UCL. The aim of the Hub is to enhance the research exchanges between academics and PhD students in the areas of competition law and economics and more broadly regulatory policy. It provides a forum for the presentation of groundbreaking research in these areas and of interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and reflections on topics of common interests.

The Hub's inaugural session, orchestrated by Professor Odudu, Pinheiro, and Daniel, convened at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, on February 23 2024, drawing over 15 scholars from both universities to explore future collaborative opportunities. A follow-up meeting, open to participants from UCL, Cambridge, and other institutions, is scheduled for June 2024 at the UCL Faculty of Laws, promising further engagement and scholarly exchange.

Find out more on the Cambridge-UCL Competition Law and Policy Hub webpage.