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Dr Trapova interviewed on AI, copyright law and policy

29 June 2023

Dr Alina Trapova discussed the EU’s law-making role in the field of AI and copyright law in an AI podcast series by Information Labs.

An image of Alina Trapova with text with reads Alina Trapova, Lecturer at UCL Laws. AI decrypted - AI, copyright and the EU internal market

Dr Alina Trapova, Lecturer in Intellectual Property (IP) Law at UCL Laws and Co-Director of the UCL Institute of Brand and Innovation Law appeared as the featured guest in the first episode of a new AI series of podcasts by Information Labs, a Brussels-based policy consultancy targeted at policy makers, as well as the general public.

Dr Trapova discussed the findings from her recent paper, 'Copyright for AI-generated Works: A Task for the Internal Market?', published in the European Law Review which focusses on the EU’s internal market legislative competence. The podcast also discussed developments in generative AI and the recent AI Act. Here, Dr Trapova warned the EU against premature efforts to legislate in the field of copyright law without a clear evidence base. Underlining the importance of proportionate and inclusive legislation, Dr Trapova cautioned: "We need to work together to find meaningful ways to not kill a fly with an elephant gun".

Listen to or watch the full podcast episode, 1:1 with Alina Trapova.

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