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UN Audio-Visual Library of International Law publishes Dr Azaria’s lecture on State Silence

7 February 2023

The lecture is based on a major research project led by Dr Azaria, ‘The Silence of States in International Law’.

Dr Danae Azaria, UCL Faculty of Laws

Dr Danae Azaria’s lecture on State Silence in International Law as part of the United Nations Audio-Visual Library of International Law has been published. In her lecture, Dr Azaria explains that international courts and tribunals have attributed two diametrically opposed legal meanings to a State’s silence – that of acceptance and that of opposition. She analyses the conditions under which they have attributed each meaning, and the consequences of each meaning of State silence in international law-making and in international dispute settlement respectively.

This lecture is based on the ongoing research that Dr Azaria leads as the Principal Investigator of the European Research Council Starting Grant on State Silence (ID: 850706).

The United Nations AVL Lecture Series contains a permanent collection of lectures of enduring value on subjects of international law given by leading international law scholars and practitioners from different regions, legal systems, cultures and sectors of the legal profession.

Watch Dr Azaria’s UN AVL lecture on State Silence in International Law on the UN website. The lecture is also available as an audio podcast on Apple, Google and SoundCloud.

For more information on State Silence: www.statesilence.org

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