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Dr Narine Lalafaryan joins the Steering Committee of Droit et Croissance

10 October 2022

Droit et Croissance is an independent research institute that aims to promote growth in France through legal reform based on the economic analysis of law.

Narine Lalafaryan

Dr Narine Lalafaryan, Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Corporate/Financial Law, has joined the Steering Committee of academic experts of Droit et Croissance. Droit et Croissance (The Rules for Growth Institute) aims to promote the economic analysis of law, a multidisciplinary approach consisting in studying the economic effects of legal norms, in order to propose lasting and effective reforms in French law. The Rules for Growth Institute advocates large-scale conceptual reforms in many areas (corporate law, insolvency law, competition law, labour law and taxation). These areas are essential for the diffusion of innovation, a vital driver for growth today, with France being on the technological frontier after more than seventy years spent in an economic catch-up phase.

Recognising this, a small group of business lawyers and researchers in law and economics joined forces to break down this artificial barrier and promote the interdisciplinary legal research. Dr Narine Lalafaryan has joined the Steering Committee of academic experts, which is in charge of issuing proposals concerning the institute’s research projects and academic members take part directly in the institute’s work.

Over time, The Rules for Growth Institute has managed to attract some of the best economists and lawyers in the country. The actions and expertise of the Rules for Growth Institute are now recognised, both by public authorities and the academic world, in France and abroad, thanks to numerous publications and interventions conducted since 2012.

Commenting on her appointment, Narine said: “I am delighted and honoured to have joined the Steering Committee. I look forward to working with my colleagues on promoting the economic analysis of law and working on large-scale conceptual reforms in this area.”

Narine’s research interests cover corporate finance, law and finance, economics analysis of law, international financial law. Her most recent law-and-economics paper, ‘Orchestrating Finance with Material Adverse Changes’ , (2022) has won the Society of Legal Scholars Best Paper Prize. Narine is the course convenor for the LLM modules “Corporate Finance”, and “Economic Analysis of Law: Corporations and Markets”, and is also the convenor of the Corporate Law specialism at UCL Laws.