UCL Faculty of Laws


Professor Ioannis Lianos re-elected as member to the Board of OECD Competition Committee

30 November 2021

Professor Lianos will serve for a second consecutive term, representing the Hellenic Competition Commission.


Professor Ioannis Lianos, President of the Hellenic Competition Commission and Professor of Global Competition Law and Public Policy at UCL Laws, has been re-elected as a regular member to the Bureau of the OECD Competition Committee for the year 2022.

Professor Lianos will serve this office for a second consecutive term having successfully fulfilled his term in 2021. The election of Professor Lianos as a regular member to the 2021 Bureau of the OECD Competition Committee was the first time that a Greek official was elected to this office, representing the Hellenic Competition Commission.

Following his re-election, Professor Lianos said:

“The OECD Bureau plays an important coordinating role within the framework of OECD Competition Committee, setting the agenda for the discussions of the most prominent international competition organisation. It is a great honour for me to be re-elected to this office by the OECD Bureau members and to work with outstanding colleagues from other OECD Member States. I envisage this role as involving not only my task to represent the Hellenic Competition Commission, but also to continue my efforts to promote a progressive agenda on competition law at a time of drastic changes, both socio-economic and technological, as well as environmental.”

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